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The School
Statesville Christian School is a college preparatory, inter-denominational Christian School. SCS was founded in 1995 as a K-5 school. Our first graduating class was 2003. Today SCS is a K-12 school with an enrollment of over 280 students. SCS admits students regardless of race, national origin, or gender.

 SCS is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Advance Ed, SACS, and the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Instruction.

Format of Day and Year
The school day consists of year long classes meeting every other day.  Core classes meet for 80 minutes per day and elective classes meet for 45 minutes per day.  AP courses and select honors courses are offered as year long courses that meet every day. The school day is 8:00-2:48 five days a week. The year consists of a traditional four quarter schedule beginning in late August and ending in late May. During the first week of January the high school students are involved in “Winterim” which includes internships, specialized classes, and mission trips.

Grading Scale
Percentage grades are given to students in all classes. The GPA only is weighted according to course rigor.

Numeric Letter Grade Point Honors AP
100-99 A+ 4.00 4.50 5.00
98-96 A 4.00 4.50 5.00
95-93 A- 3.67 4.17 4.67
92-91 B+ 3.33 3.83 4.33
90-88 B 3.00 3.50 4.00
87-85 B- 2.67 3.17 3.67
84-83 C+ 2.33 2.83 3.33
82-80 C 2.00 2.50 3.00
79-77 C- 1.67 2.17 2.67
76-75 D+ 1.33 1.53 2.33
74-72 D 1.00 1.50 2.00
71-70 D- 0.67 1.17 1.67
69-0 F 0.00 0.00 0.00


Head of School: 
Mr. Mark Earwood
Upper School Principal:  Mr. Jeff Durham
Elementary School Principal:  Mrs. Mel Ellenburg
Admissions Coordinator:  Mrs. Laura Earwood
Athletic Director:  Mr. Bruce Johnson

Graduation Requirements

Subject Academic Diploma General Diploma
Bible 2 2
English 4 4
Foreign Language 2 0
Mathematics 4 3
Science 7
(min 3 each)
Social Studies 2
Art 1 1
Physical Education 1 1
Electives 5 8
Total 26 23

Standardized Test Scores
Test scores of our graduates in comparison to North Carolina and National student averages:

Statesville Christian School Class of 2015 1697
NC Avg. (2014) 1483
National Avg. (2014) 1497

*SAT Scores divided into 3 sections with 2400 being the maximum possible combined score


College Acceptance
Our graduating classes have been accepted at the following colleges:

Appalachian University

Auburn University

Baylor University

Belmont University

Cedarville University

Charleston Southern University

The Citadel

Clemson University

College of Charleston

College of William and Mary

Covenant College

Davidson College

Duke University

Eastern Carolina University

Elon University

Georgia Tech

Furman University

Hofstra University

Lenoir–Rhyne University

Moody Bible Institute


North Carolina State University

Salem College

UNC-Chapel Hill, Charlotte

University of South Carolina

University of Vermont


Virginia Tech

Wake Forest University

Wingate University

...and many more!







AP and Honors Course
The following courses are offered based on student interest and availability.

AP Courses:

Honors and Standard Courses:

- AP Biology

- AP Chemistry

- AP Calculus AB/BC

- AP Literature & Composition

- Algebra I & II, Geometry

- Pre-Calculus, Discrete Math

- Introduction  to Literature, American, British & World Literature

- Anatomy & Physiology, Biology

- Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics

- Ancient World, Modern World, US History, Sociology

- Spanish I, II, III, IV


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